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Bangkok escort model Yuliya is very affectionate and inventive girl.

Yuliya is infinitely friendly, charming, energetic and brave girl with a positive mindset. She is not indifferent to the world of money, Yuliya pays attention to the external attributes of wealth, she emphasizes her wealth in various possible ways to look irresistible.

Model’s Name: Yuliya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Yuliya is sociable and friendly, she will never say a bad word about anyone, this girl has an inner nobility, an excellent sense of humor and critical thinking.

Yuliya is not a domestic girl by nature. She is much more attracted by trips and new vivid experiences. Yuliya stands out from the crowd due to her originality. She likes exclusive clothes. Yuliya is intelligent girl, she is kind and sensitive.


  • She cares for her body with great attention and likes to be surrounded by exquisite and beautiful things.
  • Yuliya loves black clothes, it ideally emphasizes the sexy features of her awesome body. She can wear clothes of other colors if the client wants to.
  • This girl is characterized by feminine tact, determination and caution. Yuliya succeeds thanks to these qualities.
  • She likes nature, its calm and serenity. Safety and physical comfort are important to her.
  • Yuliya has a highly developed intuition. This girl is full of charm.
  • She is extremely sexy girl. Her legs is perfect!

She is a charming and attractive girl who seeks to please the client, she likes to feel needed and loved. Yuliya is ready to make significant efforts to preserve peace and harmony both at work and among friends, even just in a shop or cafe. This escort model tries to avoid conflicts in every possible way or smooth it out, she is non-conflict girl.

This escort lady is a single-minded girl, she loves to show herself from the best side, that is why she is interested in different topics. Yuliya is a sociable girl, she loves to have fun, knows how to communicate with ease and charm, using diplomatic methods and humor. She can support the conversation not only about trends in fashion, but also on any other topics. If she doesn't understand a certain topic, she can ask an interesting question with a nice smile on her face.

Yuliya is pleasant in communication, she quickly finds a common language not only with her peers, but also with people older than her. She is benevolent; you can turn to Yuliya for advice or moral support.


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