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Bangkok escort model Yeva is sexy girl with beautiful character.

Clients admire Yeva's beauty, but even more they like her unsurpassed manners and energy. With this positive girl clients feel themselves comfortable. Yeva thinks that the matter is in a positive attitude and openness to people. She is sociable and cheerful.

Model’s Name: Yeva

Age 22

Height: 175

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Yeva loves pleasant communication, compliments and gifts. She believes that the ability to give pleasure to a man is art and she is very professional in this kind of art.

She has a well-groomed toned body, chic hair, elastic and clean skin. Her arms and legs in perfect condition. Yeva strives to make her client's life happier. She likes to spread positive emotions to her client. Yeva likes to make someone's life better.


  • Her credo is not to complicate simple things. This makes life much easier for the girl and allows her to look at things objectively, without any illusions, while enjoying every moment.
  • Yeva loves to rest on expensive yachts, dates in luxury restaurants or hotels. Yeva loves white wine, champagne, Italian and European cuisine.
  • She has grace, charisma and strength of mind.
  • Yeva loves masculinity in men, generosity, openness experience and the ability to have fun.
  • She perfectly knows how to create a comfortable & cozy atmosphere with erotic elements.
  • Yeva loves dancing, she can’t live without it. Dancing helps her to completely relax. And if this is a dance with an interesting man or for him, then she is simply amazing!

Yeva is inspired by life itself with its colors, the heat of emotions and passions. She knows that all she has to do is look around and happiness is near. Yeva is able to see happiness in such simple things as a smile of a stranger, a pleasant conversation with an interesting person, a morning kiss, a fragrant cup of coffee or a bouquet of flowers. All these little things inspire Yeva to continue to give happiness to others.

She is a fan of her profession, so even in those days when Yeva is free, she continues to devote herself entirely to the world of fashion and beauty. Yeva believes that a professional escort model always need to look good, so she visits her massage therapist, beautician and manicurist.

In her heart she is a true Italian! Yeva is hot, passionate and sensual. She doesn't hide it & clients like it very much.


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