Yaroslava, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Yaroslava is smart, charming & seductive girl.

Yaroslava is an emotional and creative girl. She has many talents. The fantasy of this girl is almost limitless, none of models she knows can invent such original ways of providing escort services as she does. Yaroslava knows how to fascinate men, quickly adapts to almost any situation.

Model’s Name: Yaroslava

Age 22

Height: 175

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Yaroslava treats sensual pleasures like a game. She likes various experiments. Yaroslava loves to travel, she is attracted by unfamiliar exotic cultures.

Yaroslava is inquisitive girl, who is interested almost in everything. She has a great craving for learning everything new. She is happy for others without a shadow of envy and is equally sincerely able to empathize. This girl is neat and clean.


  • This girl attracts many fans thanks to her charm. She is very beautiful girl. Yaroslava is lucky always and everywhere.
  • She adores nice dresses & dancing everywhere she goes.
  • Yaroslava has a good taste, she always stylishly dressed, and well-versed in the art.
  • Her sexual need is great, the reaction to the desire of her partner is almost always instantaneous.
  • Yaroslava is like a bright sunlight. She likes to spread joy, warmth and love of her heart to her clients.
  • She is inquisitive girl. Yaroslava likes to try unusual desserts in cafes and restaurants. It excites her.

She surprisingly easily adapts to the new situations, can easily find a common language with a variety of people. Yaroslava is an avid optimist. Yaroslava is very sensitive girl, she seeks to get maximum pleasure from leisure, seeks diversity in leisure, and has a great curiosity for various innovations. It helps her to make her clients happy.

Emotionality and warmth of Yaroslava is her unique talent. She is very responsive, impressionable & playful, so she is easy to get along with people. Her life is like an adventure novel, she is fearless and loves to take risks, get a new experience.

Yaroslava is tender escort lady, she is always friendly and tactful. Yaroslava skillfully avoids conflicts and reconciles the warring sides, she is very sensitive to the mood of others, experiencing their problems as her own. She adores to make her clients happy. It's her main pleasure.


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