Yaroslava, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Yaroslava is a bright & self-confident sexy girl.

The pursuit of new impressions, which can bring diversity to life is her life style. That's why Yaroslava has a vivid individuality & stay fresh. She has a wonderful sense of humor & likes to get some fun. This girl loves a beautiful life. Clients appreciate her escort services.

Model’s Name: Yaroslava

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Yaroslava prefers to control everything within her influence, to arrange everything to her liking, but at the same time she always takes into account the wishes of clients.

Yaroslava constantly needs to break stereotypes, it helps her to be a successful model. Escort for her is a very creative profession. She prefers to learn such skills, which will be universal in the escort services she provides, she has many talents.


  • Yaroslava is erotic, smart and beautiful elite girl. She loves comfort, beautiful clothes and luxury.
  • This creative escort lady can keep secrets and be a good diplomat.
  • Yaroslava is able to quickly shift her attention, so she just has no time to be sad and bored, this girl can always find something to do and she perfectly knows how to please her client.
  • She follows her dream, without anxiety and uncertainty, it helps her to be successful. She motivated by her internal ambitions.
  • Yaroslava has an intuitive type of perception, but she also has analytical skills. She provides her escort services efficiently and successfully.
  • She loves to travel and has a good memory.

Yaroslava has a flexible mind, she respectfully treats many different cultures, without distinguishing one of them as the main one, she finds something interesting in each of them. Yaroslava is a sensitive and responsive girl. She is always in a good mood, it is pleasant to communicate with her.

This lady gets great pleasure, knowing that she gives joy to the client, this is one of her goals in love. She appreciates perseverance in men, as well as their developed intelligence. She likes being cared for in public, serving outerwear, giving flowers in the theater.

Yaroslava speaks beautifully and is able to convince with her eloquence. This girl has a special magnetism that fascinates men. Yaroslava is constantly working on herself in all senses. She often goes to the fitness to maintain the perfect figure, reads a lot.


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