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Bangkok escort model Violetta is a glamorous girl with perfect sexy legs.

She behaves relaxed with men and trusts them more than women. She has many fans, many of whom become her grateful customers. Violetta turns her attention only on a man who is professionally implemented and makes good money. This lady needs to be beautifully courted by all the rules.

Model’s Name: Violetta

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Violetta is a versatile and unpredictable lady, so her company is always interesting. You never know what new talents & facets she will show you during communication.

If Violetta falls in love, then she is able to completely immerse herself in emotions, forgetting everything. The most important thing for her in the escort is sensual harmony and intellectual interest in each other. This girl needs a rich intimate life.


  • Violetta has excellent intuition, she rarely makes mistakes in her predictions for the future. Intimate life with her pleases variety. She is able to instantly switch from a tender kitty to a passionately tigress.
  • The only thing that she never doubts is that she looks good and is very feminine.
  • Violetta is very amorous, easily excitable. Violetta’s sexual possibilities are inexhaustible, her tenderness towards her partner is limitless.
  • The powerful energy of this escort lady attracts men.
  • Violetta is an excellent lover, she really knows how to enjoy leisure. She is able to adapt to any client and will be glad to spend time with you.
  • She loves long love foreplay. She is playful, flirty, cheerful and happy to see that the client is completely satisfied with everything.

All her energy and strength is directed to work, material well-being and maintaining the beauty of her delicious body. Violetta loves traveling, the warm sun and horses.

Violetta is very erotic girl, but she fills every sexual connection with pleasant emotions. She knows all about love & passion, understanding & moral support; she knows how to surround the client with tenderness. Violetta is a nice hostess, she cooks deliciously. This girl doesn't create conflict situations.

Her energy is filled with mystery and sensuality. She is not able to leave anyone indifferent, neither men nor women. Violetta is passionately loved by our clients. Her professional escort services are unforgettable, she is a first-class mistress.


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