Violetta, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Violetta has a unique type of sexuality.

Violetta is temperamental, she passionately shows sexual attraction, which pleases her partner. She is gorgeous in bed. Having tasted with her bliss, a man will never forget her. Violetta doesn't attach importance to public opinion and prejudice but she has a good manners.

Model’s Name: Violetta

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

She knows how to work effectively and relax. Violetta is a very multi-faceted person. No one can be sure that he knows her 100%, she is able to surprise pleasantly.

Violetta is hardworking, but at the same time she appreciates herself enough to do exclusively her favorite work, which is why she became an escort model in our Bangkok agency. Violetta knows how to find the key to the heart of any person. Clients love her.


  • Violetta has a highly developed intuition and sensuality.
  • She will not tell anyone the secrets that you trust her.
  • The energy of this girl attracts and fascinates. She is sensitive to beauty in all its manifestations, versed in art, has excellent taste.
  • Violetta achieves much thanks to her ability to build connections.
  • She loves soft music, candles and champagne. Violetta is an experienced escort model and she makes every effort to give the client the opportunity to get maximum satisfaction.
  • Violetta is interested in all the new erotic methods and techniques. Not every girl knows how to feel a partner so great, to find the right approach to him. She has a very sensitive body.

Violetta loves luxury. She is emotional and independent, enjoys great success with men. Her imagination and ingenuity are well-developed, including in intimate relationships. This girl is romantic and caring. She likes to please her client with unexpected surprises, she tries to become his best friend, with whom she can share everything.

This escort girl has a calm and balanced character, she is soft in communication, friendly and agreeable. Her sociability, friendliness and ability to find compromises in complex issues are very highly valued among clients.

Violetta can calm down any, even the noisiest dispute, without resorting to force methods, only due to persuasion and kind words. She strives to be unsurpassed, the most intelligent, the most beautiful and sexy escort lady for her clients.


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