Vanessa, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Vanessa is erotic loving girl with a passion.

Vanessa is an unusual and mysterious girl who can be sensitive and emotional, or hide behind a wall of icy indifference and keep a certain distance, remain silent. Her character depends on the client's request. She likes men, loves to fall in love & can't imagine life without love fluttering.

Model’s Name: Vanessa

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Vanessa is able to make quick decisions, which helps her a lot in escort business. She can allure almost every man, skillfully adapting to him at the same time.

She has a broad outlook on life, a rich inner life. Her impressionability and ability to see around more than everyone else attracts and fascinates. Vanessa is distinguished by natural behavior, friendliness, she is sensitive and romantic.


  • Vanessa strives to success in escort business, she loves frequent change of atmosphere, traveling; recognition from the client is important for her.
  • She tries to predict every client’s desire and loves to please him with an excellent escort services.
  • Clients long remember wonderful dates with Vanessa and want to hire her escort services again.
  • She is affectionate, her service is one hundred times better than any psychological or massage course. This sexy adorable girl can help to relax like no one else!
  • Charisma and excellent manners make her very attractive. She is awesome elite girl!
  • Vanessa is capable of deep feelings, and she is also a very pleasant companion.

The personal life of this girl is full of romantic & erotic adventures. Vanessa is used to getting all the best, this girl appreciates the quality in everything, including the escort services she provides. You never get bored with Vanessa, she constantly comes up with something new, tries out new hobbies, expands her horizons.

Vanessa is extremely charming and sexy, men feel her passion and tenderness. She is not a modest flower, lost among other flowers, but a luxurious rose. Vanessa dresses stylishly, keeping a fine line between elegance and sexuality.

She is very interested in everything related to sex: movies, cards, magazines, she is able to discuss intimate topics for hours. Vanessa has a pleasant sense of humor, she is smart and charming, enjoys great success with men.


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