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Bangkok escort model Valeriya is a super sexy girl with a perfect ass.

Most of all she values her body, considering it as an excellent tool for love. Her sexual potential is enormous and virtually unlimited, either quantitatively or qualitatively. She loves a variety of sensations and is gifted with the talent of erotic excitement.

Model’s Name: Valeriya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Valeriya has inexhaustible life energy, she is able to direct it to different areas of activity. Valeriya adores her body and proud of it, keeps it in good shape.

Valeriya is an active and cheerful girl who loves male attention. She is calm and not conflicted, trying to resolve all disputes peacefully. She treats people kindly. Valeriya confidently goes to her dream - to be the most charming escort model.


  • Her key characteristic features are cheerfulness, combined with curiosity and thirst for impressions, especially voluptuous. She lives a full and varied life.
  • She clearly knows what she wants, and, despite the fact that most of her plans seem too ambitious, she seeks them.
  • Valeriya loves bright impressions. She is balanced, sociable, likes to enjoy sensual sensations, such as taste, smell, image and sound.
  • She is a responsible and punctual girl who likes to anticipate expectations.
  • Valeria has a bright appearance and femininity, she knows how to charm & she is perfect in flirt.
  • She is extremely erotic and unrestrainedly seeks sensual pleasure.

Leisure & escort services takes a worthy place in her life, she thinks it's the most important condition for a full existence, overall tone and success in various fields. The development of Valeriya's personality is largely determined by her love experience.

Valeriya loves comfort and knows how to create a cozy atmosphere. She likes long courtship, she is entertained by the growing passion of men, she is trying to prolong this period of communication. She has a wonderful taste, originally dressed, adore beautiful lingerie especially white color. It fits perfectly with her hair. Men are crazy about her escort services.

Professional self-realization in our Bangkok escort agency is the most important thing in life for her. She easily finds contact with a variety of people, because she strives to understand everybody's opinion, plus she is free from stereotypes.


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