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Bangkok escort model Valeria is playful and perky girl with sexy legs.

Valeria is in a state of constant love. This feeling for her is a source of creative inspiration. Valeria is very friendly with her clients. In communication with this girl there is a feeling as if you touch soft velvet, she has a perfect skin. Valeria is soulful, she knows how to make clients happy.

Model’s Name: Valeria

Age 23

Height: 180

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Valeria is a cute slim girl with a third breast size, her waist is 60 & hips is 90. She has childish playfulness and spontaneity. Any little thing can cheer Valeria all day.

Valeria is filled with the kindness and acceptance of people as they are. You will never hear complaints from Valeria, she is not capable of conflict. On the contrary, the most avid enemies in the company of this girl suddenly feel the need to make peace.


  • Valeria needs attention and recognition from men, she can’t live without it.
  • She turns every date into a little celebration.
  • Valeria is easily excitable, erotic conversations can cause her keen desire to immediately make love.
  • She is not subject to uncontrollable flashes of emotions, Valeria keeps everything under control of her mind.
  • Valeria loves horseback riding.
  • She doesn’t complicate her life with serious arguments, sees its charm in everything, even takes difficulties for granted. That’s why she is so beloved by many.

Kindness, tolerance, a sense of responsibility and duty plus the desire for love awaken in her the energy that she is ready to transfer to clients in order to put into practice all these qualities. Valeria is a cheerful, hardworking and responsible girl. She knows how to find a kind word for each person, she is always happy to help or listen to her dear clients.

Valeria rejoices in the success of her clients; envy and hypocrisy are alien to her. She lovingly treats this world. Valeria is friendly and hospitable. She is a beautiful hostess, who likes to spread positive emotions around. Valeria is very nice lady.

Clients remember her escort services for a long time. She is affectionate, compliant and gentle. Valeria loves the sexual prelude, especially with a timid partner, it gives her an opportunity for a creativity. She knows how to be grateful and do all she can to give the highest satisfaction to her clients.


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