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Bangkok escort model Ulyana is elegant charming flirty girl.

Ulyana is a balanced, kind, hardworking and energetic girl, she is patient & very vulnerable at the same time, but she knows how to hide it. Ulyana is extraordinarily gentle and affectionate escort lady. She is very sexy girl with a positive mindset & charming smile.

Model’s Name: Ulyana

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Ulyana is a sensitive lover. She knows how to be passionate and gentle, intuitively adapting to the desires of her client. Her mistress abilities are also top-notch.

Ulyana is sociable, and thanks to her broad outlook, you can talk with her on almost any topic. She is not one of those people who are able to tell the bitter truth in the face, offending a person. Ulyana will try to convey information as tactfully as possible.


  • Ulyana is a virtuoso in the art of flirting. She can attract the attention of a man she likes with one gesture or a look.
  • She gives the impression of a real lady who has come down from the cover of fashion magazine. Her appearance is always on top, her manners are also impeccable.
  • Ulyana is unsurpassed in bed. She is gentle and ready for any experiments.
  • She doesn’t like to talk about her problems, doesn’t like to rise above others. Ulyana is very sexy and always happy to meet her clients again.
  • Her modesty, warm-heartedness and kindness are deservedly appreciated by our clients, who are very fond of Ulyana.
  • Ulyana knows how to control her emotions. Her luxury escort services and perseverance in achieving goals help her to have a good income.

Ulyana is very inventive in matters of luxurious leisure, and, unlike many other girls, she is indifferent to both the time of day when an intimate meeting takes place and external attributes. She loves diversity in everything, including erotica, it is always fun with her, Ulyana knows how to entertain. Ulyana adores to provide escort services to successful men in whom she feels intellectual superiority.

Ulyana is a very sensitive girl who doesn't like rudeness. She is capable of strong feelings, hotly responding to affection. She likes to have some fun in bed.

Her eccentricity is most clearly manifested in leisure. She is very inventive in the intimate terms and prefers experienced partners. Ulyana's passionate nature is rarely satisfied with a single sexual act. She is able to understand the mood of the partner and smooth out all possible problems. No stress, but only a bliss.


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