Ulyana, Camille & Katrin, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort models Ulyana, Camille and Katrin is a sexy trio.

VIP models Ulyana, Camille and Katrin are the stars of our Bangkok escort agency. Each beauty has a bright appearance and charismatic character, girls in a very good relationship with each other. This sexy trio has a tremendous success in our Bangkok escort agency.

Model’s Name: Ulyana, Camille & Katrin

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Professional models should be able to work in a team. Ulyana, Camille and Katrin work together at presentations, various events and provide VIP escort services.

At the event, sometimes, not one, but immediately three models are required, that's why these ladies work together. Each girl lives her life, but sometimes they rest in the same company. Ulyana, Camille & Katrin love traveling, vibrant parties and shopping.


  • This escort trio is ready to work in the most unusual locations.
  • The girls have a lot of fans, they are always fun.
  • Ulyana, Camille and Katrin read a lot about sex, they love to watch erotic films and adopt everything new.
  • The girls prepare very carefully with each new date or event, discuss the details, try to take into account every little thing.
  • These energetic girls are always in the limelight. Their powerful charisma attracts people. Clients like them very much.
  • Ulyana, Camille and Katrin live a very interesting life, full of vivid emotions.

Ulyana, Camille and Katrin are capable of doing several things at the same time, which means the client can get triple benefits. These escort girls love to come up with new unusual ways to help satisfy their clients. They are very responsible and look perfect. Their ability to flirt can come in handy when making deals with partners.

Teamwork gives girls the opportunity to achieve synergy and provide exclusive escort services, which each one of them couldn’t provide alone. Girls perfectly complement each other, mutual understanding helps them a lot. Despite the deafening success of the girls, they remain sweet and pleasant to talk to. They have no complexes and they love new acquaintances.

Clients are happy to see three caring beauties around them, Ulyana, Camille and Katrin are very attentive and caring ladies. Girls quickly forget insults and they never have a headache. They will be a great addition to any business meeting.


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