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Bangkok escort model Ulyana is a sexy elite girl with a good taste.

She has many friends, she is loved for kindness, sociability and cheerful disposition. Ulyana doesn't like to discuss and condemn people, she doesn't like intrigues & gossip as well. Ulyana enjoys her life to the fullest & feels happy in the rays of success and good luck.

Model’s Name: Ulyana

Age 20

Height: 175

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Ulyana doesn't like the manifestations of rudeness and aggression - she tries to never communicate with aggressive people. She is feminine & well versed in men.

Ulyana is attractive girl, she knows how to dress with taste. She has well-developed eloquence and can convince anyone. Ulyana is not afraid of change, but at the same time possesses sufficient prudence to not interfere in doubtful adventures.


  • Ulyana is a balanced girl. She always confidently strives for her goals and usually succeeds.
  • She is sociable, friendly, tactful, provident and thoughtful girl loved by all.
  • Ulyana is a dreamer, her imagination is well-developed. She is very sensitive and sexy girl.
  • This girl is a wonderful hostess, she has a good taste and knows how to create a homey atmosphere.
  • She is very demanding of herself, and never throw caution to the wind.
  • This sexy slender lady has a 2nd breasts size, her waist is 60, thighs is 90. And her lips is extra sweet!

Ulyana knows that the ordinary routine work, financial and family problems oppress and take away forces, that's why she became an escort model in our Bangkok agency, it gave her the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. Ulyana is not capable of meanness, hatred and lies. The need to do good for others is as natural for her as breathing. Ulyana sincerely wants to make this world better, but at the same time she doesn't forget about herself, cares about her internal development, and about her appearance.

Her whole life is the realization of interest in successful people and their life, an interest in herself. She needs to be among famous people. Ulyana strives to become one of the most needed escort models of our agency and she is doing great! The girl has a lot of fans.

Ulyana is a nice friendly girl in whose company it is pleasant to be. She harmoniously combines individualism and flexibility. People in her presence feel more united. She likes to spread positive emotions around. Ulyana respects her clients. This girl is committed to beauty, she has a good taste.


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