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Bangkok escort model Sofia is energetic, smart and charming girl.

Her basis is the internal energy that is given to her from birth. Thanks to the work in our Bangkok escort agency, Sofia was able to find a way to realize her talents and unleash her full potential. She has a sensitive heart. Sofia is not prone to pride, but she has a sense of self-worth.

Model’s Name: Sofia

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

This girl is strong in spirit: no hardship can break her, she has developed will power, in order to achieve her goal she is ready to endure almost everything.

Whatever business Sophia undertakes, she strives to become a professional. She is a responsible and hardworking escort model. Sophia is temperamental, excitable, craves for voluptuousness, she is ready to indulge in love games indefinitely.


  • This girl has a pronounced creative abilities, she dances beautifully and is plastic in dance.
  • Sophia is a smart girl. And her wisdom is female, not bookish, but based on deep intuition.
  • The best pastime for Sofia is traveling, trips to various cultural events, communication with successful people.
  • Sophia experiences happiness when she sees that her clients are satisfied. This girl wants to be absolutely sincere with every man she lets into her heart.
  • She likes swimming pools and the summer sun.
  • Sophia is an amazing hostess who cooks deliciously.

Sophia is a bright individualist. She is not subject to the influence of fashion or the opinion of strangers. Sophia was used to listening only to her inner voice (that's why she became a model in our Bangkok agency). At the same time, she is very attentive to the desires of her clients.

She absolutely doesn't care what people think about her original appearance or social circle. Therefore, Sophia can be called a truly free person. She has an innate sense of style & her clients like it. She has a rich emotional life. Every event or person she meets leaves a deep impression on her soul. Sophia is a sensitive person, and she usually expresses her delicate shades of feelings in her work.

It is easy to fall in love with Sophia, but getting away from her is not so easy, you might want to hire her escort services again soon. She doesn't burden you with excessive demands, doesn't arrange scenes of jealousy & doesn't pray for eternal love, but perhaps these are the main reasons why she attracts men so much.


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