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Bangkok escort model Slava is charismatic girl with an excellent sense of humor.

This girl has her own special meaning of life, which inspires her to great achievements. Escort for her is a real art and a great way to express yourself. Slava never deviates from her principles, she is honest and friendly, has a good manners. Slava is grateful to her clients.

Model’s Name: Slava

Age 18

Height: 175

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Slava is a gorgeous girl, her waist is 60, hips is 90. She has the first breast size. It is very elegant. This escort model is just made for true connoisseurs of female beauty.

This girl needs to prove to herself that she can be the best. And Slava knows how to make it happen. The easiest way to do this is provide excellent escort services to the clients whom she has a lot of, Slava is ready to make them happy. She knows how to be grateful.


  • She likes to make love, she completely surrenders to her passion, getting great pleasure from mutual satisfaction.
  • Slava is patient, self-confident and self-reliant, funny and cheerful. She has a charm smile.
  • This girl always used to go her own way by life, her values and tastes differ from what the majority adheres to.
  • To interest Slava, a man should be a bright intellectual, successful businessman. Smart people excite her very much.
  • Slava likes to flirt, she knows how to give pleasant emotions. Clients appreciate her intelligence and light character, she is not vindictive.
  • Slava has amazing legs. She is awesome in sex.

Slava tends to suppress her negative feelings, because she is used to being a “sun” for everyone. She not only speak, but also can listen with empathy. It makes her a good friend, that’s why Slava is very popular & beloved by her clients.

She has a wide circle of communication. Being in the company of such a girl is real pleasure, she is educated and loves to share her knowledge. In addition, she has a great sense of humor. This ambitious lady become a great escort model in our Bangkok agency because she respects men and treats them like kings.

Her life develops safely, luck, prosperity and success accompany her all the time. She has many wonderful friends who respect and love her for her friendliness, wit and hospitality. She achieves great success and reaches great heights thanks to her hard work and positive mindset.


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