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Bangkok escort model Ruslana is fire-haired elite girl with awesome legs.

Ruslana has a very rich personal life. She needs a constant influx of new sensations, that's why she adores escort. Ruslana loves various experiments in intimate life. This girl has a wonderful sense of humor. She likes to have some fun & she is able to laugh at herself as well.

Model’s Name: Ruslana

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

It seems that Ruslana is capable of providing energy to the whole power station. She has enough strength for her beloved job in our Bangkok escort agency and her hobbies.

Ruslana is tactful enough to keep silent when necessary. She is free from morbid vanity. Ruslana has a kind soul, she just needs to take care of someone to feel happy, which is why she decided to become a professional escort model in our Bangkok agency.


  • Most of all Ruslana appreciates in men the ability of a lover, charisma and intellect.
  • She respects partner’s right to personal space.
  • Ruslana loves both a relaxing holiday in a luxury hotel and a yacht trip.
  • She loves consistency, values her habits above all and is not going to change them, but is able to adapt to the wishes of clients.
  • The most important thing for her is to constantly prove to herself and others that she can achieve any goal, that she is the smartest and most compelling.
  • She needs praise, it gives her the strength and desire to live. Ruslana is able to set high goals and achieve them.

Ruslana obeys the impulses of her heart and almost never plans anything in advance. Calculation, even when it needed, seems boring to her. She is spontaneous and natural, that's why she is beloved. This girl has a lot of fans. Her energy is saturated with warmth and light. Some people compare Ruslana to the Sun.

She is ready to accept and maintain the highest goals of her clients, but rarely retains her own. However, this position brings her happiness and gives an understanding of the meaning of life in helping others, for which she receives praise, which she always waits, but never asks.

Her main weapon is her own body, especially since she has the maximum temperament that allows her to understand men. The main thing is that all men want her escort services. Giving the love to a single man till the end of time is an unaffordable luxury for her. She needs a huge audience - for self-affirmation and self-proof.


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