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Bangkok escort model Olya is amazing elite girl with sexy legs.

Olya is considered by many as a very nice & original escort model. She is really unique and not like the others. Olya is open enough to communicate with others, she is cheerful & fun. Olya knows how to care about her clients. She is free from various stereotypes and likes to try new things.

Model’s Name: Olya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

She feels a huge stock of strength and energy. Her only and cherished dream is to become the most feminine and attractive lady among all the women of the planet.

This girl chose the exotic profession of an escort model for herself because she loves traveling and communicating with successful people. Escort gave her financial independence She reaches the top of pleasures in the leisure like a queen.


  • The most important thing for her is to achieve the maximum result in displaying her attractiveness, femininity.
  • She strives for renewal and novelty, loves beautiful clothes and high-quality cosmetics.
  • Olya is not prone to envy, but she needs everyone to love her, praise and approve of her undertakings.
  • She easily finds a common language with new people. She has a well-developed intellect. Olya seems wiser than her age. She is capable of discipline, when necessary, and on spontaneity as well.
  • She needs to isolate herself from the gray mass of the crowd. For men, she seems the perfect girlfriend capable of understanding, comforting and helping in difficult times with advice.
  • Olya was created for bright passions and sex, her sexual adventures are striking in their vigor and passion.

Olya has beautiful breasts, slender legs and a stately posture. She is very attractive to men. She knows how to excite & drive crazy, her escort services are perfect as she is. A pleasure is guaranteed! Olya loves comfort, hotels with exquisite furniture, restaurants with beautiful dishes.

Her behavior attracts the attention of sophisticated men. Olya makes an indelible impression on all who meet her. This girl has a powerful sensual appeal, she literally emanates magical fluids.

However, appearance is not her one & only dignity. She is intelligent and independent, she is used to relying in life only on herself. This girl is attracted by all the original, her style of clothes, hobbies, appearance: everything suggests that she used to stand out from the crowd. Olya is hot blooded, she loves to take risks, but never loses prudence.


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