Olesya, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Olesya is a friendly girl with a sweet smile.

Her originality helps her achieve a lot in life. She doesn't depend on the opinion of the majority, but is able to listen to those people whom she considers close. Olesya loves risk and occasionally embarks on various adventures. She has a sensitive soul, capable of compassion.

Model’s Name: Olesya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Olesya used to be not like everyone else. She even chose a special job - not every girl can dare to become an escort model. But Olesya got it and she is really successful!

Olesya is very curious, she is a keen girl with heightened sexuality, Olesya is always pleased with herself. The versatility of this girl helped her to make an excellent career. She knows when to be active, and when it is more correct to remain silent.


  • This escort model loves a long caress & adores luxury leisure.
  • Mutual feelings and the art of sex are equally important to her. Intimacy brings her joy, rest and relaxation.
  • Olesya loves long love games & gives the partner complete freedom of action.
  • Many respect her and she enjoys success due to the softness of her character.
  • Olesya often falls in love at first sight. Nice relationship or romantis dates are the most important things in her life.
  • The main gift of this girl is a brilliant intellect, she is creative and inquisitive.

The more precise and detailed plan of her actions she makes, the more confident and strong she will feel that she will give her the strength to implement the plans. It helps her to provide great escort services. She can't stand conflicts, always tries to avoid them. The most important thing is that she loves praise very much, it is vitally necessary for her.

Olesya is a peace-loving, pleasant girl. She is witty, cheerful, benevolent and sincere. Olesya is a self-confident girl, she is intelligent, talented, success and luck accompany her in life. This girl loves to kiss and is ready to do it anytime and anywhere.

She is endurance and poise girl. Love in the understanding of Olesya is almost indistinguishable from friendship. She is absolutely not jealous. In addition to sensual attraction for her, intellectual interest in a partner is also important. This erudite girl likes pleasant conversations. Olesya likes smart, self-sufficient men, she is admired by successful people.


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