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Bangkok escort model Oksana is sexy girl who adores beautiful lingerie.

Oksana is an optimistic and responsive girl. She has an unusually kind and sensitive heart. You can turn to her for a help at any time. She has a mobile mind eager for knowledge. This flexible and productive girl is constantly inventing something new and her escort projects usually succeed.

Model’s Name: Oksana

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Oksana is extremely loving. She needs a constant influx of new sensations, so she became a model in our Bangkok escort agency. Oksana got a lot of personality.

Oksana will help fill the holidays with warmth and joy. She is a person who forever preserves the freshness of children's perception. Sunny weather in the spring for her is a sufficient reason for happiness, which she knows how to share with others.


  • Oksana devotes a lot of time to her personal development. She believes she has no flaws.
  • Her intimate life is full of sharp emotions and various experiments.
  • Oksana wants to open her own travel agency or beauty salon in the near future.
  • She prefers to make intimate dates in a comfortable home environment.
  • Oksana is keen on erotic literature, she is ready to discuss the most intimate topics.
  • She prefers affectionate men, supple, sensitive, responsive to affection, taking her erotic program.

Oksana is a goal-oriented, independent, patient and hardworking person. She purposefully and with great perseverance seeks to the intended goal. This is an addicting personality. She has enough persistence to finish the job to the end, her self-confidence helps her to achieve the desired heights.

In love, she is primarily looking for support. Oksana's love may be limitless, but she needs to constantly feel her partner’s shoulder next to her. She is intelligent, proud, persistent in achieving her goals, knows her merits and wants to get what she deserves.

She is not one of those girls who thinks that a man should be a little more beautiful than a monkey. In order for a man to be interested to Oksana for a long time, he should to be a very versatile person. He should love traveling, be sociable enough, successful and self-confident. We can help you to date with this elite escort girl. Don't miss your chance! She is awesome!


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