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Bangkok escort model Nita is attentive & sensual girl with good manners.

She is a beautiful mistress, who is able to make a good mood to her partner. In her personal life, Nita strives for diversity, enjoys success with gentlemen. Nita is well versed in men. She is distinguished by extraordinary tenderness and devotion to her beloved client.

Model’s Name: Nita

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

All her strength and energy are directed exclusively to the most dear and closest - to her own beloved body, which for her is the basis of pride, luck and lucrative offers.

Nita usually falls in love at first sight. It is difficult to say what specifically attracts her in men. Her chosen ones can be very different in character. However, most of them are creative and intellectual people who love to stand out from the crowd.


  • She loves to travel. It’s always exciting for her.
  • Nita loves leisure, she very thoroughly prepares for every date, thinks through everything to the smallest detail.
  • Real leisure for Nita is a state in which normal thinking and self-control give way to self-forgetfulness.
  • Nita is devoid of complexes, ready for extravagance, likes to experiment and improvise while providing escort services.
  • She likes to work and communicate with successful people, thanks to which Nita gets full satisfaction from life.
  • Nita knows how to work, while she loves herself enough to do only what her soul is for. Therefore, she provides escort services.

She's a dreamer, quickly forgets insults, doesn’t feel envy and greed. Nita tries to be a role model for other escort models, which is promoted by such qualities as integrity, punctuality, accuracy, and commitment. Nita knows how to love, be friends and empathize, she is extremely kind.

This girl is prudent, so she used to plan everything ahead. She approaches each date of her life with sufficient seriousness and responsibility. Nita believes that an escort is a very creative profession. For Nita, the inner world of the client is very important, she treats everyone with respect, it helps her to feel happy.

Nita has charm, romance and the ability to most advantageously represent herself and her feelings. This is of great importance and contributes to the success of Nita with clients. They admire her ability to find in men only advantages.


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