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Bangkok escort model Nika is temperamental and passionate girl.

She doesn't mind analyzing her partner’s actions and reactions in sexual intercourse, talk with him on this topic, and offer a variety of nice techniques. Nika feels subtle male psychology, guesses the desires of everyone. This girl is able to adapt to any person.

Model’s Name: Nika

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Nika is a subtle psychologist who knows how to entice a partner, knows how to surprise him. She relies equally on her sharp mind and on developed intuition.

She like a chameleon, changes her images depending on the client's wishes. But at the same time, Nika remains sincere. This girl is so versatile that she can never be fully known. That's why clients like to hire her escort services more than once.


  • Nika perfectly knows how to control her emotions. This lady is sociable, hardworking, independent, and cheerful.
  • She has a refined taste and dresses elegantly.
  • This passionate girl can’t live without adventures in her personal life. She needs a surge of euphoria & inspiration
  • Nika is smart, she has a good memory. This girl is kind, sympathetic, she likes fitness, enjoys drawing.
  • She loves flowers, gifts, attention, gallantry and compliments.
  • Nika gives the impression of a real lady. Elegant, polite and reserved Nika knows how to charm.

Nika always felt she needs to be in love with her job in order to work to the fullest. Therefore, she chose a profession of an escort model in our Bangkok agency. In each intimate connection, Nika seeks to know her sexual potential, she reads special literature. It helps her to provide professional escort services. With different partners, she behaves in completely different ways.

She is able to relax. If you feel bad, Nika will understand it and help you. She has a well-developed fantasy, Nika has a very rich inner life. She reads a lot. Nika will never lie or discuss people behind their backs. She carefully maintains her appearance with a professional make-up. Nika likes quality clothes and cosmetics. She has a good taste, thanks to which she always looks flawless.

The main thing for her is to feel safe next to a man. Nika doesn’t hide her sexuality, she likes to talk about erotica. She is always active, loves a variety of kisses, easy stroking erogenous zones, with pleasure listens to words of admiration from a partner.


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