Nastya, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Nastya has sexy gorgeous legs & sweet lips.

Nastya is charming girl, she can get along perfectly with any partner, knows how to adapt to his wishes. Love for her is an opportunity to most clearly manifest her feminine essence, to reveal all the wealth and complexity of her sexy nature. She is a touching lover.

Model’s Name: Nastya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Nastya is sentimental and romantic, only a few girls can rival her in ingenuity. You will never be bored in her company, because she knows a lot about luxury leisure.

She knows how to convey the joy and fullness of feelings to her partner. Nastya is a sensual by nature, she is created for love, striving for it with her whole being. She strives to success in escort business and never give up, Nastya knows the price of her charm.


  • Nastya loves listening to compliments, demonstrating her strengths and advantages.
  • She is smart and insightful, can predict desires of her clients.
  • Nastya loves new acquaintances, communicating with successful people and traveling.
  • The most important thing for her is to find a strong partner who can appreciate her femininity and will admire her escort services.
  • Nastya is balanced, she never makes hasty conclusions before she understands the situation in detail.
  • This girl is capable of deep sympathy towards people.

Nastya knows that if she understates her capabilities, her plans and requests will be simple and grounded. This girl quickly lights up with new ideas, her feelings also replace each other with great speed. Thanks to this, Nastya can instantly adapt to any situation or person. She is energetic. Nastya has enough strength for career growth, a hobby and a constant influx of new acquaintances. She quickly converges with people.

Her energy is born from a secret, hidden from all - the desire to be first among the first. The most important thing for her is to realize her own value through the achievement of goals. She wants to be the best escort model and she knows how to make this dream come true.

Due to her grace, this escort model is very popular with men. She knows how to dress beautifully and she also knows how to be pleasant in communication. Nastya is sensitive, affectionate, sexy, tender with men. She is charming, she considers herself an irresistible beauty. Nastya is tireless and inventive in leisure.


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