Nastasia, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Nastasia is passionate girl with nice breasts.

Nastasia is able to understand the interlocutor's soul, she can give appropriate advice, therefore she will be valued as a sensitive friend. This girl prefers to go her own way in everything. Nastasia pays much attention to her appearance, so she is irresistible.

Model’s Name: Nastasia

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Nastasia can be compared with an exotic bright flower. She is sensitive and original. Nastasia has a cheerful disposition, she likes to joke and flirt.

Most of all, Nastasia is attracted by mysterious, inaccessible men. In the depths of her soul, she still believes in the prince from fairy tales and waits for him. Nastasia loves foreigners. She likes to feel like an exotic girl in a foreign country.


  • Nastasia knows how to be kind and caring.
  • She loves to travel, Nastasia is open to everything new and free from stereotypes.
  • Nastasia respects the views of other people.
  • She gets great pleasure from making love. Nastasia is constantly working on her mistress skills.
  • This escort lady is kind and responsive, has good manners and behaves like a real queen.
  • She knows how to enjoy her sensuality.

Because of her love of travel and the ability to adapt to any culture, Nastasia was able to make herself an excellent career in our Bangkok escort agency. All her strengths and plans are aimed at achieving good luck. She is sure that she has the right to be lucky. Surprisingly, but as the plan progresses, she never makes adjustments to it, she is very confident girl.

All her energy and strength is directed to work, material well-being, achievement of success. It gives her a possibility to buy exquisite clothes and expensive perfume. She doesn’t suffer from envy, touchiness or greed, she just knows that she is ready to give all her strength to building perfect stability and achieving material well-being.

Since childhood, Nastasia is very curious and seeks to learn as much useful knowledge as possible. There is always something to talk about with her. Nastasia is one of the sexiest girls. She is intelligent, practical, judicious but at the same time passionate girl, she has an unlimited temperament. Nastasia is seductive, and she is happy to see when a client enjoys her escort services.


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