Nancy, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Nancy is a sexy black-haired brown-eyed girl.

Nancy is a very positive girl with sexy ass. She is an excellent cook and talented hostess. She adores decorating the house with various handicrafts. Even ordinary cleaning brings her joy. But most off all she likes to provide escort services & she does it perfect.

Model’s Name: Nancy

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Nancy is ideally skilled in the art of flirting. She has a charming smile. Nancy is ready to forgive a lot, maybe even something that is not worth forgiving.

Helping clients become a little happier is as natural for her as breathing. Nancy constantly needs an influx of new information. This girl is constantly learning something new. She is balanced and tactful, never raises her voice during conversation.


  • She is very caring, customers appreciate her professionalism.
  • Nancy loves to be in nature, loves fruit and the sea.
  • Diplomacy is the main feature of the nature of this escort lady.
  • Nancy is very popular escort model. She is sensitive, attractive, playful, gentle and attentive to the partner.
  • Coquetry is an essential element of her communication with men.
  • Nancy is well versed in people. She knows who to trust.

Nancy is cheerful, neat, caring, always respectful of her clients, showing attention and care for them. This girl loves comfort, in her house is always perfect cleanliness. She is one of the best, she also can make a delicious dinner. Work responsibly. Nancy is happy in life. She is everywhere lucky and successful.

Nancy is charming and intelligent, she is an interesting companion, able to raise a man's mood with a pretty joke. Nancy is sentimental, romantic, but at the same time perfectly able to interact with men. No one can compete with her in ingenuity when it comes to sex. She can keep up a conversation with any man on any, even the most intimate topic. Her quick mind is able to accurately understand the man, in his psychology, views on sex.

Nancy is attracted by highly experienced men, both in the everyday sense and sexually. She has the rare ability to see in every man the one and only. Nancy is happy to satisfy her clients. She is very insightful, it is difficult to deceive her, she has a wonderful intuition that helps her more than once in relationships with men.


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