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Bangkok escort model Miroslava is one of the most charming girls.

Miroslava is a purposeful girl who wants to achieve a lot. Her dreams are usually pragmatic (career, money), she is not walking in the clouds. Miroslava combines balance and hardness. This sensual girl respects the personal space of the client, she is tactful and polite.

Model’s Name: Miroslava

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

If Miroslava decided something, it is impossible to lead her astray, but she defended her point of view calmly, never raises her voice on the interlocutor.

Miroslava is smart, she knows how to feel the mood of her partner. She has a great intuition but at the same time Miroslava used to rely on her intellect. She doesn't start escort services, without thoroughly calculating everything in advance.


  • She has a well-developed intuition that helps her in escort business.
  • Miroslava has a high and real self-esteem, she can set goals and achieve them.
  • Her love for a man may be limitless.
  • Miroslava attaches great importance to sex, considering it necessary to maintain health and spiritual comfort. She is impulsive and sensual, capable of great passion.
  • In her heart, she is first among the first, or rather the leader over the leaders. Perfect escort model.
  • Miroslava loves to visit the spa and massages, so she has a wonderful silk skin.

Miroslava open and cheerful person. She always says what she thinks, not used to holding back her feelings but she never rude. Miroslava is responsive, someone else's grief is not able to leave her indifferent. This girl knows how to love life, her mood doesn’t depend on the outside world.

This lady is always confident in herself and knows perfectly well how a professional escort model should look. Therefore, she will never go outside untidy or crumpled. She prefers to attract the attention of men, trying to be an ideal of beauty.

A real joy for her is to be with a strong wealthy man whom she will respect. She likes to feel herself fragile and defenseless. In the sphere of leisure, Miroslava prefers traditional entertainment, but this doesn't mean that experiments are alien to her, she is simply feels much calmer in a familiar environment. For Miroslava, the client is the most precious person and she will do everything to make him feel happy.


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