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Bangkok escort model Mila is sexy self-confident elite girl.

Sex for Mila is the main way to realize life energy. She feels the greatest pleasure from sex, knows how to give a unique feeling of satisfaction. She considers herself the sexiest and most desirable woman in the world that intrigues men. Mila is gentle and affable lady.

Model’s Name: Mila

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Mila's imagination and inventiveness know no boundaries in an intimate sense. Mila is curious, interested in erotic literature, it is difficult to embarrass her.

In a partner, Mila sees an endless source of pleasure, gives him the opportunity to feel like a magician. Mila skillfully forms a warm relationship with a partner, stabilizes his affection, gives a man a feeling of confidence. She is practical.


  • Mila is an esthete. She loves luxurious long dresses and beautiful things.
  • While providing escort services, Mila shows herself from the best side, giving her clients all her spiritual strength and warmth.
  • She cooks deliciously, very hospitable.
  • Mila is responsible, conscientious and very efficient, so her clients love her.
  • This lady is making a resounding success in her self-realization thanks to good manners and well-developed escort skills.
  • Mila is valued for sincerity, non-conflict and competence.

This is an eccentric girl who loves to attract attention. Mila is original in everything: in the way she looks, in her views and tastes. She can be called a leader by nature, how naturally she gains the trust and respect of others. Mila is straightforward, but not to the clumsy rudeness.

She knows how to flirt, but she will never betray her client. Whatever happens, Mila remains optimistic. She loves life in all its manifestations and loves herself. Mila always has a lot of fans. She takes courtship almost for granted, as she is accustomed to them, which is why other women can envy her. This lady is able to attract the attention of any man as an interesting interlocutor, a witty and charming woman.

Mila is very feminine, attractive, which is the basis for the manifestation of her energy. She needs to show her talents, needs to be among people to determine her true place in society, in her environment. Her femininity is enhanced by a soft character. Mila loves praise, but at the same time she is non-greedy, and non-envious.


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