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Bangkok escort model Masha is gorgeous elite girl with perfect legs.

For men, she is impressed by a somewhat constrained, cold girl. Yes, in fact, she is far from indifferent to the joys of intimate relationships: she is able to give them, and even more - to receive. She sees sex as a fun leisure, pleasure, seeking entertainment, likes love games.

Model’s Name: Masha

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

This girl is modest in society, but left alone with a man becomes capable of simply stunning passion. Masha has a gentle nature, she likes to receive compliments.

Masha is sexy & sweet, she understands men, this girl is interested only in those who are older or those who have a strong and clear mind. She is interested in everything, she is trying to understand everything and find an explanation for everything.


  • Masha sincerely tries to make this world better, that is why she decided to become an escort model in our Bangkok agency.
  • She is not eager, and not envious, she doesn’t like conflicts and always avoids them.
  • This lady has tremendous inner strength and is able to benefit from any events.
  • Masha is a cheerful girl with a strong character, she is confident in herself and her abilities.
  • She knows how to manage her emotions and bring all the started things to the end.
  • Masha certainly belongs to the most interesting escort models, she is intelligent lady with a perfect body.

She is gentle and a little sentimental, although she tries not to show it to everybody, it's only for chosen. In love, she needs a certain level of comfort, she is distinguished by sensitivity to external influences. Intimate relationships should be a holiday for her, she doesn't like routine. She possesses some adventurism, she seeks to know everything, to try everything.

Masha is an unsurpassed actress, but this doesn't mean that she is insincerity. She simply identifies herself with the role she plays. Masha doesn't hide her emotions, craves the game and is able to believe in everything she wishes. She makes a very good impression on our clients, they are just delighted with her escort services!

This girl harmoniously combines a developed intellect and a sensitive heart. Masha is one of the most amazing and sexy models of our Bangkok escort agency, she is unique & very sweet. Don’t miss your chance to meet her!


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