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Bangkok escort model Masha is charming girl with a soft character.

Masha is over-sensitive and insightful, she has a developed intuition. This lady has a beneficial effect on people, she could be a good psychologist but she chose to be a great escort model in our Bangkok agency. In a society of men, Masha is sociable, friendly and sweet.

Model’s Name: Masha

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Masha is completely non-conflict, she can find an approach to any person, as she is used to seeing the best in people. She has a wonderful, classically feminine taste.

Masha is a cheerful girl. She loves lush dresses and balls. She is endowed with a pronounced sexual individuality. Masha is rarely very passionate or impenetrably cold, she is harmonious, but at the same time this girl can be what the client wishes to see.


  • Her creative nature strives for perfection.
  • Masha loves cats very much and herself looks like a beautiful purebred cat that likes to purr.
  • She attracts men with mystery and charm, as well as good energy that is felt by both men and women.
  • This escort lady loves dancing and has good natural data for this.
  • Masha is very affectionate and gentle girl, she appreciates the same qualities in men.
  • This girl will show her rich inner world only to her beloved client (and you have a chance to become one).

Masha is an unsurpassed hostess, she is neat and nice, a virtuoso in the kitchen. She meticulously suited to the preparation of any dish. Masha is not stingy, she loves good-quality products, cooks with pleasure, with a good mood. She is hospitable, knows how to surprise guests with a new dish that she invents herself.

This lady is no stranger to adventurism, she is very attracted by novelty and suspense. She has an amazing ability to carry people along, but her actions are always motivated and justified. Masha lives according to a system of high moral and ethical principles; she is always fair and honest both to others and to herself. Most people think Masha is a sweet and sincere girl. And yes, she is!

Masha rarely makes mistakes, because all her actions and goals - weighted and decisive at the same time, spontaneity and thoughtlessness are alien to her. She has an amazing energy. Masha is keen on science and art, likes to learn interesting facts. She is not only use her talents, but constantly develops and improves them.


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