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Bangkok escort model Marina is luxury girl with charming lips.

Marina has a very rich inner life. She is constantly busy pondering philosophical issues and creative ideas. Marina reads a lot, in general, knowledge - one of her main pleasures. However, the depth of perception of Marina doesn’t prevent her from being open to the world.

Model’s Name: Marina

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Marina is smart, brave, relaxed, her sense of dignity is well-developed. She doesn't like to feel bound, likes to try new things and doesn’t like restrictions.

She has a kind heart, you can always turn to her for help. Despite her sensitivity, Marina withstands adversity, is able to be a support not only for herself, but also for others. This girl has a developed intuition, almost to the point of extrasensory abilities.


  • Her sexual potential is enormous and virtually unlimited.
  • She likes bold, wild men, impatient in intimate relationships — men in whose passion is raging.
  • Marina frankly reacts to the caress of her partner and doesn’t babble.
  • Sex in its entirety is for her a kind of beautiful performance. She knows how to turn intimate relationships into a colorful presentation, a holiday.
  • Men like her light character and have a good time with her.
  • She pays great attention to her appearance, loves to be the center of attention, enjoys romantic relationships with a man.

Marina is a sensual girl. Around her always seething male passions. Marina has a mysterious charm, a kind of magnetism, in front of which men are completely defenseless.

Marina is sexually excitable and active. She is able to sensitively follow the partner's erotic feelings, follow his imagination and desires. Sexual relations is an integral and significant part of her life. She is demanding of herself, knows her worth and wants to be appreciated. In the emotional sphere, she loves diversity in relationships.

She is active and temperamental, easily goes for erotic contact, loves to visit the spa and fitness. She doesn’t listen to the advice of loved ones; she copes with all the difficulties herself. She chooses a partner carefully, taking into account not only his sexual potential, but also the ability to bring diversity to her life. Therefore, it is not easy to meet her just on the street or in a cafe.


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