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Bangkok escort model Marina is tender & sexy brown-haired girl.

Marina is awesome and brave woman. She is reliable, has a strongly developed sense of duty. She is balanced in sex, loves attractive men. She is a passion & temperamental professional escort model who is able to help to overcome shyness & give a great pleasure to any client.

Model’s Name: Marina

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Marina pays great attention to the state of mind of the client. She prepares for the meeting with the client carefully, thoroughly considers every detail.

She doesn't like conflicts, trying to avoid them. The most important thing for Marina is stability and work, which allow her to show all her advantages to the utmost, namely, the external attractiveness and impeccability of the external gloss.


  • Marina loves nature walks and picnics, an outdoor café with a beautiful view.
  • She is compliant and kind-hearted, she needs a sovereign. She just needs a man who can frame this precious stone.
  • This elegant girl is strict to herself, but without fanaticism.
  • She accomplishes all her goals, the determination of Marina obeys all the obstacles.
  • Marina is a restrained and intelligent girl. She will never raise her voice without a cause, she is not inclined to whims and tantrums.
  • This girl has a special gift to reconcile the warring sides. Marina is extremely insightful.

At the heart of all her actions is the interest in work and financial success. She would love to be the most spectacular woman in the world. Marina uses this desire for self development, she could become an actress of theater or cinema, but she preferred to work in our Bangkok escort agency, because she loves men very much.

Outwardly attractive, feminine, willing to prove to everyone its irresistible - it's all about her. Highly paid work, position in society, financial position - all these are the most important parameters by which she measures the level of her happiness. She can ideally play the role of an inaccessible girl. Marina is careful, polite and disciplined, she is respected due to her responsible attitude to work.

It is important to remember that she isn't greedy & not envy, Marina easily forgives insults. Her desire for stability is so great that the world around her is constantly transformed, satisfying all her unexpected desires and interests. Marina is a mystery girl with a passion.


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