Marina, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Marina is a bright girl with a passion.

Even in the most difficult situation, Marina doesn’t part with a smile, partly due to the ability to control herself, but above all because she considers it senseless to spoil the nervous system. Marina spread peace and serenity, pleasing others. She is kind and cordial.

Model’s Name: Marina

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

A job in our Bangkok escort agency helped her become financially independent. She treats each client as a beloved one: she surrounds him with her warmth and attention.

Marina is sensitive, interested in art. She likes to go to concerts and theaters. Marina is sociable, she doesn't create conflict situations, she has many friends. Marina is diplomatic, she never interrupts her opponent during a conversation.


  • Marina can play the role of a good housewife, she cooks deliciously, she is hospitable, loves sweets and knows how to bake delicious dishes.
  • This lady stands out for her erudition and intelligence.
  • She thinks a lot, likes to read (mostly foreign novels).
  • A nice character & good manners allows her to find a common language with everyone and make decisions when necessary.
  • Marina is feminine, modest, her tenderness, desire, warmth and excitement largely depend on her partner.
  • She needs trips & travelings to stay fresh & happy.

Marina is insightful, she knows how to anticipate the wishes of her clients like nobody else. Marina loves diversity in the leisure time, she carefully prepares herself & her partner for the journey into the world of her escort services, she is perfect in the art of flirting. Marina is artistic, she knows how to play completely different roles: a strict business woman or a caring hostess.

In this girl lives an inexhaustible source of optimism. And it can not be confused with levity or naivety. Marina is simply always confident in her abilities and knows that she will cope with everything. This girl has a good health. Marina is energetic, so she always has a lot of plans and hobbies.

She knows how to find benefits in everything. Marina is hardworking. All the affairs for which she undertakes, diligently brings to the end. She is laconic, but absolutely all her words can be trusted. Marina knows how to dress with taste, she beautifully furnishes the house.


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