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Bangkok escort model Margo is precious pearl of our agency.

Margo perfectly knows how to manage her emotions and mood, she is patient & calm. She respects not only her own, but also someone else's opinion. Margo has a pleasant speech and a sweet voice. When she speaks, it may seem that she is speaking, uttering undeniable truth.

Model’s Name: Margo

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Margo's dreams are grand, but she has every opportunity to embody them. She is feminine, tactful, has a pleasant soft character and is fluent in the art of flirting.

Margo lives an extremely rich life. She knows how to live in harmony between mind and heart. Her intellect and intuition are equally well-developed. She lives in the present day, easily forgets the bad and is not too worried about the distant future.


  • She is affable and caring, amiable and benevolent. That is why clients adore her.
  • Margo is blissful when she is gently kissed on the chest.
  • Margo is a creative person, talented in everything connected with beauty.
  • She lives in happy: confidence that there is an ideal man who is waiting only for her.
  • She shows her tender feelings very emotionally. Margo tries not only to get joy and pleasure from intimacy with a man, but also to satisfy his desires.
  • Platonic love is also attractive to Margo, but only for a short time. Sex and love for Margo are inseparable.

She manages to succeed in love and sex. Margo is sentimental, sensitive, she likes to dream about great love & passion. She has a strong libido. In sex, she is frank, she is characterized by strong exciting emotions. Her sex appeal conquers men.

In the period of meetings with a man, she shows incredible energy and dedication: setting a goal for herself, Margo will not back down from her. She easily causes strong sexual emotions from her partners. She never refuse an invitation to a company where there will be men, in the hope of a pleasant evening. Her expectations usually come true, because she can charm any man & she can give him an intimacy as a reward for the tenderness and warm relationship.

This girl perfectly combines cheerfulness with curiosity and thirst for thrills. She enthusiastically takes part in all aspects of life and loves sensation, change of impressions. She outwardly balanced, sociable, and doesn't advertise his extraordinary sexuality. She likes to enjoy such sensations as taste, smell, image, sounds. Most of all Margo appreciates her body, which she considers an excellent tool of love.


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