Maretta, 24 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Maretta is a sweet girl with a rich imagination.

Maretta likes to provide escort services for successful people. She always feels confident & exciting before every new dating. She loves home comfort, light summer dresses & morning gowns. Maretta is always in a good mood and knows how to bring more bright colors into everyday life.

Model’s Name: Maretta

Age 24

Height: 178

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Maretta is a born actress, but in the best sense of the word, because she plays every role sincerely. This slim girl has a third breast size, her waist is 60, hips is 90.

This gentle girl is able to charm even the most callous people. She can't live without bright emotions. Maretta loves traveling and sunshine. She has great taste and developed intelligence, but without a shadow of snobbery. Maretta is free from pride.


  • Maretta is a romantic lady, but her understanding of romance is special, it’s deep & soulful.
  • This girl has a charming smile, which is truly unforgettable!
  • Maretta is tender and sensual. She conquers men with her femininity.
  • She has a developed intellect, a love of adventure & amazing performance.
  • Interesting escort ideas constantly arise in her head, which she immediately seeks to bring to life.
  • Maretta has a typically feminine softness. She has a good heart, she likes to take care of her clients & do it with a tenderness.

Maretta feels great pleasure from the men's attention, so she has a lot of fans. Even in her usual dealings with men, there is always some flirting. You'll never be bored with Maretta because she likes to try something new.

She is not close in spirit to passive work with papers or information, she needs regular communication with people. That's why she became the escort model of our Bangkok agency. Maretta is calm and friendly, hardworking and responsible. She is confident in herself, knows what she wants. She doesn't like to argue, avoids conflict situations, so she has many friends.

Maretta always used to stand out from the crowd. But she doesn't do it on purpose, for any mercenary purpose, simply Maretta’s personality is really bright. She is interested in everything new and unusual. This girl is absolutely free from jealousy. Maretta always works in a good mood, she likes to dream. She has excellent taste. Maretta is not conflict at all. In a conversation extremely tactful, you never hear a rude word from her.


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