Luiza, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Luiza is caring and sensual elite girl.

In the process of providing escort services, Luiza more thinking about how to make a good impression on her client than on her own pleasure. That's why clients adore this professional elite model. She is feminine and well-versed in people because she has an analytical mind.

Model’s Name: Luiza

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Luiza is looking for reliable support in men. She adores to meet gentlemen who are solid as a rock. Luiza loves to cook, she is very pleased when people praise her dishes.

Luiza provides individual escort services to each client & every man can feel himself like a king thanks to her professionalism. Responsibility, kindness, friendliness and tolerance - these are the qualities that are the basis of all her actions.


  • She is an awesome performer who is able to realize any escort dreams of her dear clients.
  • Luiza gladly accepts courtship, takes the admiration of men for granted.
  • She perfectly adapts to changing circumstances in life. This girl is tactful, so she never imposes anything to others, she prefers to avoid conflicts and easily succeeds.
  • Luiza always strives for success in order to once again prove to herself that she can be one of the best models of our Bangkok agency.
  • She has a great intuition and is able to turn the situation in favor of her client.
  • Luiza has the charm and confidence of the queen. She has a good taste & loves everything beautiful.

Luiza is very prudent & sociable at the same time. She pays no attention to everyday trifles, reads a lot, gets pleasure from visiting theaters, watching new movies in the cinema. Luiza has a creative nature. She enjoys beauty in all its manifestations.

She is overwhelmed with energy that requires true manifestation. That's why she became an escort model of our Bangkok agency. Sex for Luiza is a way to have some fun. She has great sexual opportunities. The preparatory stage should last long enough. In intimate relationships, she is very inventive, loves diversity, changing poses gives her great pleasure.

Luiza is not used to listening to anyone's advice, she is not interested in erotic literature either - she knows sex from her own experience and relies on her own feelings. Strong character doesn't spoil her femininity. Luiza is a passionate, relaxed & fiery girl. She is not capable of deception and can't stand gossip.


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