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Bangkok escort model Lisa is an elegant girl with a wonderful character.

She anticipates sexual satisfaction, from the very beginning of the meeting with a partner, sets an emotional tone, can excite any man. It will not be possible for any woman to surpass her. She doesn't advertise her sexual abilities, but she can't completely hide them.

Model’s Name: Lisa

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Lisa is charming sexy girl, she pleasant in communication, intelligent and prudent. Lisa can show her sexuality when it is needed or hide it when required.

Lisa is very sensitive, subconsciously determines those people who treat her well. She has no enemies, because she doesn't quarrel with anyone. Lisa is very friendly to everyone. She is affectionate & able to make the most desperate man happy.


  • Lisa is charming, intelligent, intellectually developed.
  • She can give an inexhaustible wealth of lust to every client. Once having met her, only a few men are able to forget about her.
  • Lisa can remain in an excited state for a long time, even after complete satisfaction.
  • Lisa’s main gift is the ability to represent herself in public. She is able to find an approach to any person and play any role.
  • Everybody wants to take care of her & just to be around, because Lisa is so special. She always dressed with taste, tactful in conversations.
  • Whatever happens, Lisa never loses her temper. Her ability to build profitable relationships helps her in life very much.

Lisa has mastered the art of flirting since being a teenager; since then she has been constantly surrounded by many admirers. She is the first among the first, the undisputed leader in the escort business, an unusual and gifted girl, never merging with the crowd, and this gives her the strength to achieve high goals.

Envy, anger, resentment and revenge are aliens to her. She is a positive girl who likes financial stability, and cleanliness. Lisa is an ideal lover. She is witty, Easy to talk, naturally holds in any society. She never feels lonely because she has a lot of fans. Clients feel comfortable with Lisa because she is a kind girl who likes to spread positive emotions around.

She is sensual, curious, eager for new sensations. Lisa is good at controlling herself, but in the moments of intimacy she discards all the conventions. With her, any man grows in his own eyes, and this makes her especially attractive to her clients.


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