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Bangkok escort model Liliya is a kind and sophisticated girl.

Liliya is a mystery girl. She looks like a sorceress or a priestess of the secret cult, as far as the mysterious and enchanting energy comes from her. Liliya seems fragile, but she has a huge force hidden inside her. Liliya is slowly but surely moving towards her goals.

Model’s Name: Liliya

Age 20

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

This girl is pleasant in communication: her softness and quiet amiability can melt even an icy heart. She has creative abilities, especially in music & drawing.

She is pleased to cook, to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, to take care of her clients in every possible way. She doesn't pursue prestige or material wealth. The main thing for her is love for her work, as well as a friendly atmosphere in the work team.


  • She like a delicate flower, which fades when there are no kind and polite wealthy people near it.
  • In some cases a man, who is not very experienced in sex, but gentle, can give her much more pleasure than the one who owns the whole arsenal of sex techniques.
  • Her whole image is like a work of art.
  • Liliya has impeccable taste and sense of style.
  • She has a rich, smooth and emotional speech.
  • Liliya has a wonderful sense of humor. She is confident in herself and in her abilities.

Liliya has 2nd breast size, her waist is 60 and hips is 90. She likes try new things. She is a true dreamer who believes that her future will be bright & it might become reality. Each new interest refreshes the picture of the future world, which makes life more vivid and interesting.

There is no doubt that she could become a designer, but her views are so unusual that only a few can understand them. That's why Liliya chose a career of an escort model in our Bangkok agency. Liliya has no shortage of fans, she is flirtatious, can represent herself like a queen, she is amorous and temperamental, a little capricious and willful.

Usually she is very picky when choosing a partner, doesn't reduce sex to biological necessity; her love, tenderness and sexual satisfaction are closely intertwined. At the same time, Liliya is capable to enter into an intimate relationship with an unfamiliar person simply in order to relieve sexual tension, sometimes it happens. Managers of our Bangkok agency can organize an awesome date with this amazing girl for you.


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