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Bangkok escort model Liliya is a sexy girl with a nice character.

Liliya is quite clever and original, therefore she is very popular among the clients of our Bangkok agency. She is very confident girl. Liliya feels that she is able to fulfill all the dreams of her clients like no other. This allows her to solve any, even the most difficult tasks.

Model’s Name: Liliya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Taking up some escort services, she’ll surely bring them to mind. Liliya feels responsible for her dear clients. She is not just sexy but also tender and compassionate.

Liliya is a very diligent, attentive and executive escort lady who is always glad to meet new people. Her talent can be revealed only in conditions of consistency and financial stability, when she provides escort services to wealthy gentlemen.


  • She loves stability and consistency in any relationship.
  • Liliya has a good memory, loves to dream, she is always happy to support her client, listen him with empathy or give an advice if he asks her about it.
  • With all her discipline, Liliya know how to relax and can teach how to relax others.
  • This sociable girl easily converges with people.
  • She doesn’t like to waste time, so her life is filled with a variety of different hobbies. She is an analyst, not lazy, interested in science and loves to read in her spare time.
  • Liliya is able to analyze any situation and arouse her own interest in any topic or a problem. That’s why she is very nice interlocutor.

There is something aristocratic in her. Liliya is not boastful. She filled with deep self-confidence without these external manifestations. Before doing anything, she carefully thinks and weighs everything. Therefore, mistakes are minimized in Liliya's life. She is kind and pleasant to talk to.

Liliya responsibly performs all the duties of the escort model. She has excellent culinary skills. In an intimate life, she needs time to “warm up” (high-quality prelude), but then she is ready for a fairy night.

She is very feminine. This girl was born talented. Escort for her is the path to happiness and financial freedom. Liliya has a wonderful sense of humor, she is cheerful and playful, but at the same time she has excellent manners. A man for her is an undisputed leader and only the man have the right to make important decisions.


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