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Bangkok escort model Lada is a sexy elite girl with good manners.

The personal life of this girl is filled with wild adventures. She doesn't want to live an ordinary life, and the average family life seems boring to her. Lada often changes partners, without regret, parting with those who are no longer interested in her. She has a passion.

Model’s Name: Lada

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

In bed, she needs a hurricane of passion, and she is able to deliver divine pleasure to her partner. She needs sex at least once a day. You'll never feel bored with Lada.

Lada is a 100% confident girl. This girl is not shy to be different from others. Lada got used to seeing everything positive, she has an unforgettable shining smile. She originally dresses, her hobbies and social circle can also seem extravagant to some others.


  • Relationships for her are exclusively mutually beneficial cooperation and intellectual interchange.
  • Lada prefers people of creative professions & foreigners.
  • The basis for all of her endeavors are femininity plus healthy and beautiful body.
  • One of her main goals is to prove to herself and those around her that she is the first, unique, one and only.
  • Lada in love is like a firework of feelings and passions. She will belong to the man undividedly, yielding to the slightest of his desires, and after each closeness she will feel a deep gratitude.
  • Her love of life always prevails over despondency & loneliness doesn’t threaten her.

With a bright appearance and strong character, she needs to be praised and loves compliments. She knows her worth & provides high quality escort services to be convinced in her uniqueness. Lada doesn't like conflicts, tries to avoid them, she doesn't greed & envy, quickly forgives resentment.

She is divinely captivating, men are crazy about her. She represents herself as a free independent girl, she perceived by men this way and doesn't disappoint their hopes. Lada is really free & very sexy, she knows her worth, she is tempted, but in order to have sexual contact with a man, she needs to fall in love with him first.

Some men think she is easily accessible, but it's not true, that's why they are terribly wounded when they receive a refusal from Lada. If she likes a man, she'll let him know about it in the most unequivocal way. Our Bangkok agency offers you a unique opportunity - to invite Lada for a date, don't miss your chance to meet this awesome lady!


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