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Bangkok escort model Kira is stylish and energetic blonde.

In her vision relationships should be built not on feelings, but on the maximum compatibility of people - partners should have a common outlook, similar everyday habits and tastes in the intimacy. Kira strives to build a great career in escort business, so love is a good deal.

Model’s Name: Kira

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Kira is quite ambitious, she evaluates people the same way she evaluates herself & treat them with respect. Her goals are always realistic, although they may seem unattainable to others.

Kira is a girl who keeps promises. By planning or promising something, she'll accomplish it, despite any obstacles. Kira has a strong and persistent personality. Kira is really capable of much & knows how to make friends, like no other.


  • Kira is a bright girl who likes to attract the attention of others with her charm
  • She is constantly in a state of love. Love game represents for her the whole world, which she never ceases to discover.
  • Kira doesn’t dramatize relationships, takes them calmly, without anguish, trying not to annoy a man with her love.
  • She studies the partner all the time, but with one goal — to give him the most complete satisfaction.
  • Kira seeks to spiritualize the client’s leisure time, to fill it with deep meaning.
  • The most difficult life situations only make her better & stronger.

Kira is an "eternal child" who is interested in the world & its structure. She interested in mysteries of the universe. Here is her hobby. At the same time, she is looking for luck and happiness, which are gradually reduced to everyday life, work, money, connections and position in society.

She is very sensitive to kisses and attaches great importance to the setting in which her love date takes place. The quiet privacy of the bedroom, perhaps the warm summer rain outside the window, the smell of flowers - all this excites Kira, helping her to completely relax, forget about everyday affairs.

She seeks to create an atmosphere that would contribute to the maximum enjoyment of the love game. And Kira knows a lot about it owning a large arsenal of techniques that allow her to bring her partner to a deep relax. In bed, she is able to control herself and carefully watch her partner during foreplay, playing with him like a tender kitty with a mouse.


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