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Bangkok escort model Ket is a live embodiment of glamour. Awesome lady!

Someone will say - blonde to the tips of his fingers - and he will be right. Platinum-colored hair, gorgeous lips, a perfect figure — these are all components of her image. With a Ket, every man can feel himself more confident. She is a perfect lady for a well-respected gentleman.

Model’s Name: Ket

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Ket loves to enjoy every day of her life. She knows a lot about pleasures and wonderful pastime. Ket is considered to be one of the most beautiful girls of our Bangkok agency.

She likes noisy companies and music. From time to time, Ket likes to relax from the hustle and bustle in the sauna or massage session. She loves everything related to France - French movies, music, and themed restaurants with exquisite cuisine.


  • Every man wants from time to time to feel strong, successful & powerful. Next to such a beautiful girl like Ket, this dream will surely come true.
  • She manages to never lose a good mood. Her secret is simple: Ket just loves the work she does.
  • This is a bright girl who likes to attract the attention of others with her charm. Her whole image is like a work of art.
  • Flirting gives Ket the greatest pleasure. She needs the attention of men, like a flower in a watering, she is fueled by flirting.
  • Ket is smart and tactful enough not to go over the edge of decency in her love for the attention of other men during a dinner with a client in a restaurant.
  • In the intimate life Ket is a skillful lover, able to deliver all kinds of pleasure.

Passionate beauty Ket knows that the ability to represent herself is one of the most important qualities of an escort model. Long-legged fiery blonde with perfect proportions of the figure at 100% matches to the modern model parameters. Charismatic appearance and pleasant character - this is the secret of Ket's success.

Ket has a high intellect, she is a brilliantly educated and erudite girl who knows her worth, has a great work capacity and gives herself to her beloved work without a trace.

Ket has impeccable taste and sense of style. Her speech is smooth, rich, emotional. It is always interesting with her, Ket has a wonderful sense of humor. She feels confident in herself and in her abilities. She knows that she is able to find a way out of any situation, especially thanks to her magnetic effect on people.


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