Katya, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Katya is a passionate and sensual beauty.

Gorgeous model data and feminine beauty could help Katya become a Playboy star, but she chose a career as an escort model in our Bangkok agency and doesn't regret her decision at all. She has an outstanding appearance, combines the charm of a socialite queen and childish spontaneity.

Model’s Name: Katya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Katya is able to convince people and will help the client reach a profitable contract at a business meeting where his colleagues were defeated.

Katya loves to flirt with almost any man, she willingly accepts signs of attention even from those who don't match her type. But first of all, she fully focuses on her client. Katya used to live for today, and this is what helps her to keep her spirits up.


  • Katya loves to be photographed, but she believes that the escort is still a hundred times more interesting than any filming and shows.
  • She is a real dreamer. Having a rich imagination, she easily makes friends and admirers.
  • Katya loves male society. She is always friendly and benevolent with men. Katya has increase sexual arousal.
  • She is always restrained and prudent. Among those around her, she is known as a well-bred, kind and tactful girl, not devoid of taste and grandeur.
  • Katya is very different from other girls by her high level of intelligence. She is a wonderful lady for elite escort.
  • She lives a bright and rich life, loves fun parties.

Cheerful, talkative (but not overly) and active Katya was used to being the center of attention. However, despite her popularity in society, Katya always remains soft and pleasant in communication. This girl is able to completely surrender to pleasures (good food, luxury), but doesn't become dependent on them.

She loves to experience strong sensual sensations. During foreplay, Katya is grateful to her partner, feels a deep spiritual and physical unity with him. If she not receiving the expected from a man for any reasons, then she doesn't make tragedies out of it.

The strength of her sex drive depends on the duration of intimate relationships with a man. She has a very well-developed aesthetic perception, a sense of beauty, she knows how to see and understand the beauty of her beloved and is therefore capable of strong erotic experiences in intimate moments.


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