Katrin, 21 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Katrin is sensual and sweet girl with 2nd breast size.

Katrin often receives invitations to swimwear photoshootings from renowned photographers. She has no complexes. Katrin is capable of both wild passion and oriental submission. It could be one-day romances, as well as a long-lasting deep connection with a partner.

Model’s Name: Katrin

Age 21

Height: 180

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Katrin has a healthy attitude in flirt. In her opinion, it must be part of the courtship. She is impulsive, energetic and do all her best to provide excellent escort services.

Katrin has a huge stock of energy. This is a creative person who is always in sight. She knows how to represent herself, she has the talent of an actress. Despite her innate ambition, this girl doesn't lose her simplicity and kindness.


  • This slender gorgeous girl is very popular in Russia, her waist is 60, hips 90, and her legs are just amazing!
  • Katrin is a sexy, sensual and beautiful girl who likes to wear bright clothes and use exquisite perfumes.
  • Katrin likes a relaxed atmosphere, when you don’t need to hurry, look at your watch.
  • She feels that she can be the first among escort models and is able to attract the attention of any interlocutor.
  • Katrin is a womanly charming, flirtatious and ironic.
  • She is characterized by optimism, cheerfulness, Katrin is active and enterprising, life-loving, that applies to others.

She is affectionate and tender with a partner, she likes to furnish an intimate date beautifully, external attributes enhance her enjoyment of dating. She actively uses a developed intuition to assess the situation. After making a decision, it is difficult to turn off the chosen path, she goes to the end and tries to do her job well. Katrin is able to keep the conversation going and charm with a smile.

Katrin loves when clients praise her, but she never begs for it. She knows how to set goals and achieve them. Her self-esteem depends entirely on the goals she has already achieved, and her life on what is interesting to her, since her interest is stable and can last a lifetime. She is a dreamer who loves to give advice (if she is asked about it).

Katrin has a wonderful memory, she has creative abilities. Katrin combines modesty and self-esteem. She will never brag about her success. However, if she does something well, she doesn't intend to hide her talents. Katrin is tactful and friendly in communication.


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