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Bangkok escort model Katerina is a paradigm of charm and allure.

With her busty, curvy, toned features and shining eyes, she is able to win the hearts of any and every man. Even the most bashful guys will feel relaxed and comfortable in this sexy Thai babe companionship. Katerina has all the features that can drive any of her clients crazy.

Model’s Name: Katerina

Age 24

Height: 178

Weight: 52

Size: 36C-26-38

Katerina is one of the friendliest VIP Russian escorts in Bangkok and easy to mingle with personalities you could ever find, she is very helpful in allowing you to settle down, her modern ideas and perfect features make her a bit more perfect and her nice talking ability help her communicate as easily as possible.

She is very friendly and helpful in helping you find the finest options in the best way possible and this can help in giving you the best possible pleasure which is why she is known as the perfect VIP Russian escort.


Kaetrina is a VIP Russian escort girl who is very young and exciting, she provides her clients with the finest services in a nice and easy way. Her modern methods can be really useful in helping you find the best satisfaction with ease, she has the perfect body and the perfect looks which make her very attractive and with the help of her modern approach and her fine skills she is very much professional in delivering the best possible professional service to all of her clients.

Her attractive body is a nice combination of a nice and suitable height and a nice and useful body weight. These features combine to give you the best possible services in a fine and easy manner, her perfect combination allows her to be suitable for almost all kinds of clients and every client is sure to be satisfied with this Russian escort.

Kaetrina is a perfect Russian escort with some highly amazing body features like great body features, her measurements of 36-26-38 make her a plum of an escort and this also helps her in getting the best available service in the best way possible, her picture perfect figure is very much pleasing to all her clients and is sure to please you in the best way possible. Katerina is very much useful in giving you the highest degree of services in the best way possible and with her excellent body and her over the top attractiveness you can get the best out of this VIP Russian escort every day of the week in Bangkok.


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