Karina, 21 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Karina is a friendly charming girl with a passion.

This slim VIP escort model has an awesome breast with 4 size, her waist is 60 & thighs is 90. Karina is able to earn money. However, this girl is completely free from stinginess. She knows how to live in her pleasure, elegantly dresses and tries her best to surround herself with beauty.

Model’s Name: Karina

Age 21

Height: 170

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

In the company of Karina, clients always feel themselves like at home, this girl is so pleasant, cheerful and caring. She knows how to attract people by nice smile.

Karina loves to travel to exotic places, she likes to learn foreign cultures and languages. She needs new bright impressions. Karina loves dancing and other similar hobbies, through which she helps clients relax and relieve tension.


  • Karina loves beautiful dresses in which she comes on a date with clients. This girl has a divine charm.
  • She loves being beautifully looked after. In bed, Karina is very temperamental, which is what binds men to her.
  • Karina is a real professional in her business, clients adore her escort services. However, despite her volitional nature, Karina is capable of devotion and feminine gentleness. The love of such a girl is a real gift.
  • She has a developed sensuality, Karina loves to try new things.
  • Karina is an incorrigible romantic. As a child, Karina was fascinated by fairy tales, and she continues to live in this fairy-tale world, which has become a reality thanks to our Bangkok agency.
  • She is erotic and amorous, but at the same time strictly complies with external propriety.

Karina is loved in every society. This girl combines enterprise and practicality. She has a lot of ideas, but she embodies only those that will bring her specific benefits. That's why she became a model of our Bangkok agency.

She is able to please any company with her appearance. She knows how to find contact with people, has diplomatic skills, thanks to which she achieves the greatest success. Karina constantly needs to be on the move. She loves to learn new hobbies. She is especially lucky to travel.

Karina is very popular with the opposite sex. She likes to be in the center of attention and she tries in every way to attract attention to herself. Karina is sociable, friendly and patient with people, has a lot of advantages. Karina easily finds a common language with everyone, she has a developed intuition. She could be a good teacher, but she chose an escort.


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