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Bangkok escort model Ivanna is very energetic and purposeful girl.

Ivanna often took part in advertising shootings. This gave her valuable experience, but at the same time she believes that her calling is a VIP escort. Each new dating with a client is a significant event for her, and Ivanna is preparing to it like to a great holiday.

Model’s Name: Ivanna

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Ivanna is peculiar to congenital aristocracy, a sense of style. With her beauty, she resembles a purebred cat - just as majestic and independent. Awesome lady!

Ivanna is inspired by the sea coast. She is a real southern beauty: temperamental, sensual and amazingly sexy. Very passionate lady. She is a real treasure for those who are looking for an elegant escort model with excellent manners.


  • Ivanna adores to relax on the nice beaches and loves to pose in swimwear for photos.
  • Escort gives her a huge adrenaline rush, the ability to communicate with interesting people.
  • Ivanna idealizes men and believes that the engine of world progress is precisely love.
  • She respects strong men. Those who can anticipate the desires of their ladies. If she sees a generous man, then she will strive to please him.
  • In the intimate life Ivanna loves affection and romance.
  • Ivanna is ambitious, she likes to constantly transcend herself.

Ivanna is able not only to work, but also to have a rest. In her company is always fun, the jokes of this girl are witty, but never turn into sarcasm. Ivanna - a girl with a sophisticated nature, who is not devoid of artistry, she is beautiful and sexy. In her case, beauty is not an instrument of vanity, but a means to make the world better.

In the work for her there are no impracticable cases. She is not afraid of complex tasks, is able to negotiate with colleagues and clients. She achieves significant success due to her attentiveness and professional escort skills. Ivanna gladly participates in corporate events and public life, showing her talents.

For Ivanna, romantic relationships with the opposite sex primarily mean not passion, but mutual respect. This girl is one of those who are capable of falling in love with reason, and not with heart. She herself chooses the ideal partner, who, as a rule, cannot resist her charm and ability to understand. Thanks to our Bangkok agency, you have a unique opportunity to invite her for a date.


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