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Bangkok escort model Ilona is very charming. She has a special magnetism.

Her passion inflames slowly, but is capable of reaching an incredible heat. She likes when a man helps her to undress, gently touching her body, and at the same time he is excited himself. The sensation of touching gentle male hands causes Ilona inexplicable pleasure.

Model’s Name: Ilona

Age 20

Height: 168

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Ilona likes to stand out from the crowd, and her originality is not just an appearance, she really perceives the world differently than most people.

Ilona is a very sexy slim escort model from our Bangkok agency. She has 2nd breast size, waist is 60, thighs is 90. Ilona is used to setting high goals and achieving them. She works a lot on her education and appearance, striving for perfection.


  • Ilona loves nature, fresh air, rest on the sea.
  • This girl has an indomitable temperament in bed. She needs in intimacy in large quantities.
  • Ilona is frank and friendly, she has a self-respect and knows her worth.
  • She feels relaxed and ease in any setting: in an expensive restaurant, on vacation or in the countryside. Ilona likes to be in a beautiful setting. She just adores when everything around her is beautiful and glamorous, Ilona loves elegant generous gentlemen who appreciate her beauty.
  • Ilona has an amazing sense of style and tact. She is very gracious, and punctual girl.
  • She is happy in sex only if she has a tender partner, and all her affairs are in perfect order. In order to get sexual satisfaction, she must feel emotional comfort, a certain erotic mood.

Inside the external calmness of Ilona is hidden a hot temperament and rich emotions, which she knows how to perfectly manage. She remembers that sex is not an isolated side of her life, therefore she behaves intelligently and carefully.

Ilona has a very rare quality. She can create comfort wherever she appears. In her society, men feel at ease. Many of them are recognize that her escort skills are the best! Ilona really cares about her clients and knows how to please them like nobody else.

The main thing for Ilona is to give joy and fun to those who around her and for her client first. Ilona knows that it is very important feel the mood of the person with whom you hang out and smile more often. Because a smile is the key to a good mood


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