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Bangkok escort model Gloriya likes to give joy and fun to her clients.

Gloriya grew mobile and active girl. She retained her curiosity in adulthood. This is a real fidget that needs to know everything. Gloriya can't live without communication. She is non-contentious, but she is able to pursue her own detour. She has the gift of persuasion.

Model’s Name: Gloriya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Gloriya, like Caesar, can easily do several things at once. She is not familiar with fatigue or laziness. It seems that a perpetual motion is hidden inside such a girl.

The most powerful sexual irritant for Gloriya is a gentle kiss of her partner. During the love prelude Gloriya behaves unusually. She likes slowness and calmness combined with subtle pauses, which greatly increases the level of desire and sexual arousal.


  • She is sweet and elegant girl with an amazing sense of style.
  • Gloriya loves the attention of men. She had a lot of fans before she became a model of our Bangkok agency.
  • She likes unpredictable, versatile people like herself.
  • An important role in the exchange of tenderness is a kiss. In the arms of a loving partner, Gloriya feels more confident.
  • If a man gives her compliments, then it stimulates the occurrence of mild sexual arousal, increases the activity of Gloriya in sexual intercourse, regardless of the duration of a love affair.
  • Gloriya likes to try new things and adventures.

For her, the main stage of the love foreplay is the impact on the erogenous zones, stroking the whole body. A great role in the intimacy is played by tenderness and caress during intercourse. Her partner should know that the love prelude for Gloriya begins from the moment of the dating, even before the first kiss.

The external data of the partner, his intellect are important for her. Gloriya in bed behaves freely, she doesn't recognize the restrictions, trying to prove herself as a real woman. She can take the initiative if her partner is not active enough, and skillfully brings him to a high quality erection.

The physical expression of her state of mind and readiness to merge with a partner is a preliminary game, ending with sexual intimacy and joint orgasm. Her sexual activity and degree of desire depend on her love for her partner, she tries to satisfy all his desires, discarding prejudices.


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