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Bangkok escort model Eva likes to dream about various sexual temptations.

Eva needed a profession where she could show her theatricality and ability to communicate with the public. This girl could be an actress, a singer, or find herself in journalism, but she chose a career as an escort model at our Bangkok agency. This is her true calling.

Model’s Name: Eva

Age 23

Height: 175

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Eva likes to get vivid emotions. She is very sexy slim girl with 2nd breast size, her waist is 60 & thighs is 90. The greatest happiness for her is to be needed.

Eva likes to be in the company of men. She flattering male attention. Eva likes the “bad guys” and the constant heat of passion that they give her. She wants her life to be like a Hollywood movie. The sensual component of love is very important to her.


  • Eva needs variety in bed. She is attracted by various extreme practices, such as bondage. She is able to play both a passive and active role.
  • She loves to watch sexy movies and read erotic literature.
  • Eva is a tender, gentle, cheerful girl, you will never be bored with her.
  • This escort model likes long trips, skiing and swimming very much. Eva dreams to travel around the world and do photo shoots in every beautiful city.
  • Eva has wide sexual interests, a vivid imagination.
  • In society, she tends to be visible, dresses outside the box, likes to be looked after. Her beautiful figure attracts everyone’s attention.

Eva is a very passionate and sexy girl. She is emotional and attaches great importance to sex, while the external data of her partner is also important. Eva is sensitive to sexual games, skillfully takes the initiative, but at the same time fulfills all the wishes of her partner during sexual intercourse.

She seeks to satisfy all the desires of her client. Eva prefers a partner with a sense of humor, who understands her character and is not touchy, and she tries to go all the way towards such a partner. Eva is romantic by nature. She likes beauty, comfort and carelessness. She is not capricious, but demanding. One of the most popular models in our Bangkok agency.

Charisma and charm plus high quality escort skills let her be very successful model. This hot blonde with expressive eyes and sexy lips is stately, tall & stylish - the ideal companion, the ideal escort model from our Bangkok agency.


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