Erika, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Erika treats sensual pleasures like a game.

In bed, Erika frankly expresses her sexual desires. There are always many intelligent men around her who are dream to spend the night with her, but she is not in a hurry to make a choice, she needs true passion. In the hands of a real man, Erika will show all her skills on the highest level.

Model’s Name: Erika

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Erika is attractive and curious, easily comes into contact with men, seeks to know the sexual preferences of her partner; very attentive to the desires of the partner.

Erika likes various experiments. She is one of those who love by ears, Erika likes when her partner talks a lot. She loves praise and seeks to achieve it with her unique escort skills, the desire for beauty. She needs universal acceptance.


  • Attractive and graceful in appearance escort model named Erika will find a key to everyone.
  • Erika is the real Amazon. This Russian escort model loves adventures, adores yachts and waterfalls.
  • For her, high-quality luxury things, clothing and accessories are not something out of the ordinary, but self-evident. Normal daily life of an escort model from our Bangkok agency.
  • Erika loves to delight customers and give them positive emotions.
  • Man who invited Erika on a date will never forget this dating because she is too sweet & unforgettable.
  • Erika has many fans thanks to her unlimited creativity and passion.

Erika loves to get kisses on her breasts and get compliments: she is excited gradually and is waiting for the manifestation of passionate love, and she responds so passionately that it exceeds all expectations.

In the environment of Erika, as a rule, there are only pleasant, but at the same time useful people. Erika is a sociable girl who easily converges with new people. Hot blonde Erika knows how to charm. Her charms are irresistible. Erika loves to be photographed, she knows how to represent herself. She constantly receives offers from fashion houses, but Erika knows her value. Therefore, she works in our Bangkok agency.

Erika loves expensive champagne (better in bed). She loves a gorgeous setting and men who don’t attach special importance to money. She loves when passion makes her forget about everything, loves to fall in love and thinks that this is an amazing feeling.


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