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Bangkok escort model Elya is a charming, temperamental girl.

Elya is a gentle and tactful girl, with whom it is a pleasure to communicate. It seems that this is an angel in the flesh, not capable of any meanness. She is happy for others and just as sincerely empathizes with their grief. This girl is neat and clean. Very nice Russian escort model!

Model’s Name: Elya

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

She is devoid of complexes &, willingly experimenting during sexual contact. However, emotions don’t conflict with her principles, the mind doesn't stagnate.

Elya always emphasizes her intimacy with a man with a slight gesture: she can accidentally straighten his' tie, straighten his jacket. She is gentle and affectionate lady with sexy legs. Elya is very picky, not everyone can be lucky enough to become her lover.


  • Elya is a cheerful girl, she loves big companies & dances beautifully. She loved by many men, but she gives her love only the chosen.
  • Sex is important to her, she believes that this is the main aspect of love.
  • Elya is completely alien to selfishness. Always dressed in fashion clothes, but in her own, unique charmful style.
  • The puppet appearance of this girl and her angelic disposition attract men very much.
  • In the intimacy Elya is very attentive to the needs of the partner, intuitively guesses his secret desires.
  • Elya seeks to find common ground with everyone, she doesn’t like conflicts.

Apart from sexual satisfaction, Elya feels herself especially happy being in a company of a wealthy man. Feeling an urgent need for love, she freely satisfies her desires at every opportunity.

Elya's well-being largely depends on stable intimate relationships. For Elya intense sex life is an expression and one of the components of her life energy, a symbol of general adaptability to life. The personal life of this girl is full of adventures, which others can only dream of. Deep down she is a child, so the ideal date for her is rather a trip to the rides, but she will also be happy to have dinner at a restaurant.

Elya is a mobile and inquisitive girl, who is literally interested in everything. She loves to travel, and attracted by unfamiliar exotic cultures. Elya is surprisingly easy to adapt to the new situation. She is an avid optimist. Nothing is able to steal from her a great vitality and make her laugh less happy.


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