Elvira, 26 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Elvira perfectly able to adapt to any requirements.

Elvira is feminine, well-versed in men, elegantly lazy and doesn't like scandals, she is responsive, she is not envy. She loves stability and certainty in everything, knows how to set goals for herself and highly appreciates herself and her capabilities.

Model’s Name: Elvira

Age 26

Height: 175

Weight: 53

Size: 36D/24/36

Elvira is sensual and gentle lover. She knows that the most important thing to ensure happiness and good luck is stable work, which guarantees material and domestic stability.

Elvira is sexy & clever escort Russian model with 2nd size breast, her waist is 60 & thighs is 90. This girl is a maximalist in love. She loves unconditionally, that is, not focusing on any external qualities of her partner, but just like that.


  • She always felt in herself a girl who demands a good frame in the form of a powerful man, who is able to free her from material problems.
  • She is ready to help the client with advice, setting new, even higher goals, guarantees amazing nights, real no-nonsense requests, tolerance and understanding.
  • She loves sex. Happy is he who loves her and knows how to achieve her reciprocity.
  • Elvira can make love at any time of the day, so long as the beloved is near.
  • Unsuitable conditions also confuse her a little, although she likes comfort and coziness.
  • She is easily excited. Elvira is not an exhibitionist, but can be willing to have sex in implausible conditions.

For a long time Elvira was looking for a profession, one way or another connected with creativity. She could start her own business, lead a public or political organization. Elvira seeks to make this world a better place and therefore she decided to become a model of our Bangkok agency to help men relax and cope with stress.

In appearance, Elvira seems to be a calm and even somewhat passive girl, but this is not at all the case. She simply accumulates energy inside to make a powerful breakthrough. For example, no one knew that she had been preparing for a long time to enter the prestigious university, and then everyone was surprised how she did it.

Eleanor's confidence never goes into vanity. She believes that she achieves success not for herself, but for the benefit of society, in the name of her ideals. You can always rely on Elvira, she is responsive and kind. Her intuition and intellect are equally developed.


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